August 22nd, 2008

self portrait sketch

Yesterday Woodrow Phoenix asked me why my pictures of myself never actually look anything like me. I said I'd get back to him, and thought that I could either start going into deep psychoanalytic mode or just try to draw a more realistic picture of myself. So here's a quick drawing, looking into the full-length mirror (which means it's me in reverse.) I'd still like to find a shorthand technique, though, there's no way I'd draw this realistically in, say, a mini comic, or I'd never have time to finish it.

Edit Here are a couple pictures that figured into my discussion with Woodrow... including his own not-very-realistic self portrait. (I love the spindly legs!) His version on the DFC site looks much more like him.


Hurrah! Here's the start of my Comics Jam with David O'Connell (tozocomic), which will take over from some of my morning sketches. Last summer we both took part in a jam called Lunch with Hubert, which was the start of me getting back into comics after neglecting them for many years because I didn't particularly like superheroes. The jam got me going on characters who would morph into what became Vern and Lettuce, a comic strip that I actually get paid to do. (The moles are the most recognisable characters.) But really the jam is just an excuse to hang out with Dave, even if it's a virtual thing.

So here we go, fun times ahead! I'm so excited about how this first one came out.