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October 28th, 2008

beautiful tea and comics

On Sunday, I went to Knightsbridge with Ellen Lindner (ellenlindner) and Stephen Betts (who runs the Comix Influx translation website). We had dim sum in the Harrod's food hall, with the most amazing tea I've ever seen! The tea didn't actually taste all that great, but wow, did it look good.

Hunger sated, we went downstairs to an exhibition of original comics artwork by Ellen's fellow whoresofmensa member, a woman named Jeremy Dennis. Harrod's had some amazing stuff on display, but I was particularly interested in examining Posy Simmonds' working technique and the brushwork of Andi Watson. Then I went to customer services and had a go at them for letting the display cases get so horribly dusty. But the show was well curated, and it was great to see comics work on display in a non-traditional setting. (I think the exhibition finishes today.)

If you missed the talk that Rian Hughes gave in Oxford at Caption, I notice he's posted a new video on his website of the same talk, given to the Art Directors Club in New York. Rian's a real British titan of design, typography and illustration, so if you don't know much about his work yet, this video's well worth watching. (And he's a nice chappie, too.) Video here. There's also a link on the bottom of the same page to a slideshow of his artwork.

And don't miss The Lasky Report, a 24-panel comic of a day in the life of Seattle comics artist and kindred spirit dlasky. Oh, and lucylou's comic of a day in her recent book tour!


I went to see my friend David O'Connell (tozocomic) this morning and he kindly let me draw him. But I wasn't at all satisfied with either of my two drawings, so I scanned one of them and scribbled for ten minutes over it on my Wacom tablet. It was funny, I almost didn't try this time - I barely even held my pen right - and it looks way better!


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