November 4th, 2008

happy birthday, dad!

(One must have very long arms when hugging across 4789 miles.) I'm very proud of him, he's the best dad ever.
And one thing he is going to do to celebrate is go vote for Obama... right, Dad??

Edit: Here is a slightly less silly photo with my dad. I'm blind as a bat without my specs, but Dad used to have superpower vision; now it's 20-20 like everyone else's, so he thinks he needs glasses.

Speaking of advancing years, here's a picture I whipped out yesterday of an old hombre for the Tozo man.

Hey, funny, you know how old web pages come back to haunt you? I thought this page was long dead, but I was Googling an artist's name and it came up again. It's a list of all the shows we put on when I was running the House Gallery in Camberwell with a team of friends. A lot of memories and a lot of hours in that list.

good night, everyone

Waiting for these election results is killing me, I am trying not to think about it. Last US election, I thought everything was going to be okay until I woke to the BBC radio alarm saying it was four more years of... oh, flippin' heck. I sent in my postal ballot about three weeks ago, I'm really glad they still let me vote. It's night here but still voting time over there, so after I've gone to bed, Americans, please, please keep going out and voting for Obama! Let me wake up to something good.