November 16th, 2008

more comica

Another busy day of Comica talks! I paid such total attention during the hour-and-a-half presentation by the amazing Dave McKean that I kind of fried my brain and had a hard time concentrating for the other four hours of comics school. Here's a doodle I did in the very last talk, when I was about to fall off my chair from overstimulation:

Dave McKean gave an excellent talk, showing us lots of his work and talking about his working processes. What most struck me, and I asked him to expand on it in the question time, was his comment about the recent sketchbook albums he's made of cities: Paris, Barcelona, Vienna. He said, 'They're very important to me, they've taught me how to draw. I've only really felt confident in drawing for the last three years because of these books.' This seemed kind of shocking, coming from someone who's had a long career of making drawings so good that half of the kids on every BA illustration course in the country are copying him. Collapse )

During the second talk, Between the Panels, we got to hear from the two runners-up and the winner of the Observer graphic short story competition: Isabel Greenberg, Emily Haworth-Booth and the winner, Julian Hanshaw with Sand Dunes & Sonic Booms. Super-cool fact: Hanshaw's already on the schedule to appear in the DFC early next year, so look out for this guy!

Julian Hanshaw's the guy on the right, and he's sitting next to Oliver East, who's recently come out with Trains are... Mint.

Other speakers whose work I will have to look up very soon from the second and third talks are:
Hannah Barry with her very promising looking novel, starring a detective and his tea bag partner, Britten & Brülightly
Paul Duffield, Marcia Wiliams (who recently wrote Archie's War), John Burns, Jason Cobley, Mike Collins, Mustashrik, Chie Kutsuwada and Ian Culbard.

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Edit: You can catch up on news from Thought Bubble in Leeds from shug_comics, squirmy, ryclaude and undoubtedly soon from smurf_uk, chamonkee, emmav and nabbit.

jinty has done a second write-up on Friday's V&A Comica symposium here, with a good description of Posy Simmonds and comments on Pat Mills' talk that I didn't manage to write about.