January 23rd, 2009

flight back to fairyland

I'm almost embarrassed to post this image because it's a total copy of a photo. But sometimes I do that when I'm just too brain dead in the early, early morning to do anything else and it helps get me going. This is one of my all-time favourite photo portraits, of the pilot Amy Johnson, taken by John Capstack sometime between 1933-35.

My neighbour friend made another book after school yesterday at the dining room table while I worked away at my desk. She went quiet for a good long while, then I slowly became aware of her head poking up next to me. She examined my work and then commented, 'Making books is good, but sometimes writing the story makes you want to cry a little bit.' When she showed me her story, I realised she'd come up with a remarkably sophisticated piece of commentary on immigration. This girl totally blows me away. Here's a preview of a few pages of her little book, Back to Fairyland, which will be on sale next to her other book at my section of the table at the Alternative Press Fair on 1 Feb.
She asked, 'Will this book make me rich?', and when I calculated we might earn £2 if we sold ten copies at 20p each, she nodded with satisfaction, and decided that was riches indeed.

I've also posted an EVENTS PAGE, listing where I'm going to be when. I know I should make it a jazzy part of my website but I am just a bit website lazy at the moment.

I notice Richard Bruton has posted a nice write-up on the FPI blog for Alison Bechdel's The essential Dykes to Watch Out For. And thanks to them for flagging my little comic strip! I think I will have some prints of that for sale at the fair.


I just had one of those sublime moments, at my work desk, looking out the bay windows and seeing the fantastic clouds racing by and I had to stop and draw it. Often I feel like I'm at the helm of a ship, sitting up there looking across the sky.

I went into central London this morning for a dentist appointment and run a few errands, and with the rain lashing about, holding onto my umbrella was worse than fighting the Kraken. It was kind of a hard week, with work and I'd gotten myself all worked up over a misunderstanding with a good friend (which we fortunately worked out), and I came home from the city cold and tired. But late this afternoon, the rain quieted and I was given this amazing cloud performance. Just as it hit me, as I was sitting there in front of the windows, this song by Jim Moray called Nightvisiting started playing on the stereo and suddenly things were so right that they hurt.

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