January 24th, 2009

more underground comics!

The DFC Issue 34 has arrived, and the moles have led the Pickle Rye gang to an Underground ghost station. With little ghosts! Ooooooooooo... But why are the ghosts more scared than Vern and Lettuce?

I hear from the DFC Headquarters that they are going to let me sell copies of the DFC for a special reduced festival price at the Alternative Press Fair, so save your pennies for that if for some strange reason you have not yet chosen to have the DFC crash land into your postbox every Friday and you want a peek (or if you want extra collector copies).

Thanks to Richard Bruton for the lovely words in his review of this week's DFC:
Sarah McIntyre's Vern & Lettuce is still the high point for Molly though and this week we get to see an Underground ghost station and meet Vern's ghostly Grandad leading Vern to utter the great lines: "Am I also doomed to spend an eternity chasing dead moles?"


This afternoon I popped by The Women's Library for Zinefest. It's funny, because in children's book societies, most of my friends are women, but in comics here I've found the meetings generally have one female for every twenty blokes. So this was the reverse, about one guy for every twenty women, and unsurprisingly, I hardly knew anyone. I had a good time looking at the exhibition (I'd donated a print of Terrence Trotter) and tried not to be self-conscious that almost everyone else's comics were about women and mine was about a little boy pig. Ah, well.

Just as I really thought I wasn't going to see a single familiar face, I suddenly found the Caption crowd (hooray!): Jay Eales, Selina Lock and Jenny Linn-Cole. Selina (girlycomic) showed me the latest publication she'd edited, The Girly Comic, a collection of all the Girly Comic anthologies and a really attractive, slick piece of work. Nice job, Selina! She'll have it on sale at her table at the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing in London on 28 March.

On the Factor Fiction website: The Girly Comic is a comic strip anthology that was first launched at the Comics 2002 Festival in the UK. After witnessing the sight of so many comics widows being dragged around by their partners at Comics 2001, I decided that it was about time that someone attempted to fill that niche market! While by no means restricted just to women readers, the plan was to produce something a little more woman-friendly than a lot of mainstream comic titles out there, with a diversity of material, at an affordable price.

I've heard Will Kirkby mention Liz Greenfield (lizgreenfield) a few times, so I was very curious to meet her. She had a table with Sophie Peck and I bought one of Liz's comics and a zine the two of them had put together specially for Zinefest.

Liz Greenfield and Sophie Peck
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