January 30th, 2009

it's DFC friday!

Fridays are the best days, when the stripey red and yellow DFC envelope pops through the letterbox. Hurrah to wilburonline for taking more liberties with the DFC logo lettering than anyone's done yet!

As you can see, Vern and Lettuce has taken a bit of a turn to the dark side in their abandoned underground station escapade:

This morning I had tea and lemon drizzle cake up in town with my picture book editor and designer. That was fun, and they're excited about the way the book is going. It is TOP SECRET at the moment (woooo!), but I can hardly wait to tell you! Hope to see you Sunday in London at the Alternative Press Fair!

oxford literary festival

Oops, can't believe I didn't post this earlier! Anyone who can possibly make it to Oxford, come see my lovely publisher David Fickling, the Etherington brothers and John Aggs talk about our fabulous weekly comic, the DFC! It's all happening on Saturday, 4 April at noon.

Here are booking details!

I notice there are a few other good festival things happening that day, including the Inspector Morse walking tour, a talk by writer Michael Morpurgo (the one whose party I went to at the Savoy), and Aliens Love Underpants creator Ben Cort. (Ben is lovely, the last two times I've met him we've geeked out over how to get the right colours on our computers in CMYK. I vow not to mention CMYK next time I see him.) Sadly, Emma Chichester Clark is speaking at the same time as us, but my tummy is already working itself into excited, nervous knots about the chance to meet Bob the Builder before our talk. What will I say to him? I must think of something very witty that will make me stand out from all the other diggers.