April 27th, 2009

sparkling crystal palace

The Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival went brilliantly, thanks to the marvelous Alex Milway (above) and his partner Katie Lee, who organised up a storm and will probably now need a long holiday to recover! My neighbour friend and I had just been reading and re-reading Viviane Schwarz's There are Cats in This Book, so she made up her own book for Viviane, There are Cats in This Book, Too. (Viv gives it a mention here on her blog.) I took some photos of her adding some last-minute touches on the train:

The DFC's Gary Northfield had a copy of his fab comic, Derek the Sheep in French. (Derek the Sheep is translated as Norbert le Mouton because the editors thought the French wouldn't really connect with the name Derek.) And here's Lilith, one of his best fans (and writer Alexander Gordon Smith in the background):

I made a quick drawing of Lilith in the bookshop, Bookseller Crow, and she sent me this photo of it - already framed! - the very next day. How cool is that! (Thanks, Lilith!)

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