May 1st, 2009

if egon schiele liked sport

Admiring Dave's red robot yesterday made me nostalgic for a football player I haven't watched for awhile since he left Liverpool. I mean, he's still playing, I just don't watch football much these days. I used to perk up whenever he was on the telly, being a bit fascinated with the way he looks on the pitch, and his robot dance makes me howl. If you haven't guessed who it is, answer here.

Oh, okay, here is a video of the robot dance. And an even sillier one. Yay!
...And just one more thing, here's where he gets punk'd by Rio Ferdinand. Okay, no more football on this blog, I promise.

christening new sketchbooks

Yay, a lovely new pile of sketchbooks! Every few months I hop on my bike and go over to my old art college shop to get some of these; super-cheap but very good. Much less intimidating that something expensive like Moleskines. Then I wonder why everyone keeps asking me if I'm a student when I'm drawing. I also stopped by the new art supply shop near Camberwell Green, it's really good! I used to go straight up the East London Line to Atlantis, in the East End, but ever since that tube line was closed for extention works (and will be until next year), that's sort of cut off the neighbourhood for me; I only make that long trek very occasionally now.

So Gary Northfield helped me fill the first page of two of my new sketchbooks; we both drew the top half of a monster and then swapped and did the bottom half.