May 14th, 2009

queen of diamonds

Here's my first idea and inking for playing card artwork I'm submitting for a show in Seattle, joining Friends of the Nib members David Lasky dlasky, Scott Faulkner inkboy, Mark Campos mr_sadhead and other fine people from my hometown. The grey lines in the pic are just the guidelines; I'm going to colour it and mess around with it some more. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Okay, still not sure about this Twitter thing. I like seeing people's updates and getting messages (whee!), but I have no idea if I'm supposed to answer when people do the '@jabberworks' thing if I don't have much to say. I have this fear of clogging the ether with my chattering drivel. But I quite like it when my friends do, because I'm always curious what everyone's up to, especially when it's Gary talking about birds nesting inside his flat, Viv potting tomatoes on her roof, Alex trying to decide what yetis do on long-haul flights or Woodrow... this is my favourite one so far:
Last night I managed to have an open bottle of Coca-Cola on the go in nearly every room (not kitchen or bathroom). Bridget scared+impressed
Thanks, emmav for the list of 100 Geeks you should be following.

Speaking of drivel, I can bore for Britain with my computer woes. Suffice to say that even though I spent half of yesterday erasing and reloading the whole system, it still crashes five times when I start it up and gets flashing horizontal lines across the screen. Grrr, not good.

Ooh, I must go see the John Vernon Lord exhibition at the Illustration Cupboard before it ends on Saturday. (Thanks, Sue Eves, for the reminder!) I walked by the gallery on Monday after the Kuniyoshi show, but my brain was too full to take in any more pictures. Must go back. They're Alice in Wonderland illustrations; I wonder how he draws the deck of playing cards.

penchant for pants ant

Following a riveting Ebay battle, my gleaming copy of The Pants Ant Trouser Hour! by Woodrow Phoenix & Ian Carney arrived in the post. I did a Google search on Pants Ant and came up with this fab photo on Flickr. Pants Ant is REAL! He is a very small ant driving a very large set of trousers, and saving the town of Gaberdine, Pantsylvania, from pants peril.

So I took the comic to my favourite sofa in Deptford and had a nice cup of tea (because the coffee there is not half as good as the sofa). It is a very nice sofa, you could look at it for hours.

Aw, isn't it fab? That's a little Winston Churchill there, next to the fish.

My writer friend Candy Gourlay pointed out this funny article with a guy flipping out about bookstore culture in Singapore. He insists bookshops should charge a £2 entrance fee to get rid of the riff-raff. I sympathise when he goes off about people who read stacks of magazines for free and don't put them away, but I think he's confusing a bookshop with a library. I am one of those people who could easily live in a bookshop. I think I spent my whole sophomore year at university studying at a table in Boobs & Noodles.