June 7th, 2009

dog and bell

Why is it, that the last two times I've taken Will Kirkby (chamonkee) to a nice pub, we've met head-on with full retro-kitsch Englishness? This time it was a group of very randy Morris dancers, but at least the ale was good. I did some drawing with Will and Lou (naniiebim) and Will let me mess around with his nice expensive magic marker until I ran it out of ink.

Hey, look at the fab drawing David O'Connell (tozocomic) made of yesterday's life drawing session! (He is thinking hard about the cookies Viviane baked.) You can see more work on his new website.

the final garen moustache countdown...

Even Garen couldn't keep himself from getting in on the 'tache action, and amusingly, sent this one just after Dave tozocomic sent his, then realised they looked freakily similar, and begged to rescind his. (No way!)
Dave's and Garen's:

I think Garen's been going through some real personal growth during this competition...

I don't know everyone's web links, but the above were sprouted by Alex Milway, John Aggs (aqwatic), Joe Decie (joedecie) and Elyssa (who is the most linked person to Garen).

peckham walking tour

Just for a break in moustache drawings, here's one I did of Viviane Schwarz just after chamonkee and naniiebim and I kidnapped her on our tour of Peckham, doing research for his latest comic.
I was testing out Will's fat marking pen, once again. This is actually the reverse side of the paper, but I loved the way it bled through, so I scanned that side instead.

We stopped by the Persepolis imports shop, where I'd previously mentioned to the owner that my friend Will was doing a comic about her shop. She sounded mildly interested, but it was only when she met him this time and saw this drawing and this drawing that she went totally electric and offered to host Will's book launch and heaped on him lots of Turkish delight and gave all of us 'I love Peckham' badges.

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