June 16th, 2009

charlotte at breakfast

Our friend Charlotte is staying with us for a month or so and house-sitting when we go on holiday. She's Danish and arrived in London the same week I did (almost ten years ago), and we met on our second week here. So we ran around and did lots of tourist stuff together, everything from Windsor Castle to East Street market. It's great having her around, and I hope I'll get to draw her a few times before she moves into her next place.

Lots of brain-twisting stuff going on over on the Reith Lectures on BBC Radio 4, and last night Stephen Fry hosted I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue, which was good fun. I thought about telling him on Twitter that I liked it, but then I saw he was already very busy that evening setting himself up as the internet moderator of the Iran election notices and finding internet servers the Iranian government hadn't managed to block. It's turning into this huge internet cat-and-mouse thing and loads of people outside of Iran seem to be getting involved, which is cool. Hmm, I wonder what's going to happen. Apparently there's going to be an official recount of the votes now.

Edit: Here's a picture my neighbour friend drew last night for her homework assignment to show 'London Burning'. I think they probably meant the Great Fire of London in 1666, so her architecture is a little historically inaccurate, but it still looks cool:

We posted it on Twitter and were well chuffed, minutes later, to see a bio architect in France really liked it and reposted it. He let us know about a group called Urban Sketchers (or urbansketchers on Twitter).
Just to note, I'm not going completely over to Twitter, it's only good for certain things and LiveJournal is way better!

lunchtime sketch

I popped down to Greenwich and seeing the Urban Sketchers website put me in mind to do an architectural sketch. I didn't have much time, so I went straight in with pen, and scruffed about a bit to give it more contrast with a fat marker I lifted from chamonkee. It looks more classical than my usual drawing, but I guess the building's partly to blame for that.

Before I cycled home, I nipped into the shop and ran into eruditebaboon and his girlfriend in the checkout queue, just as he was deciding he was surviving enough not to pull a sickie from work today. (Have you seen the brilliant and utterly confusing comic he made yesterday?) Oo, and some lovely photos of the stairway in the library of Brandenburg University, thanks to a link from architect Robert Morrison.

Now I'm back and work and thinking how much I totally, totally miss my sister and can't wait to see her in just over a week. She's a die-hard Dolly Parton fan so I am in a cheesy mood and have this song playing at the moment. I really ought to draw Dolly next. Oh, here's another... and one more.