July 14th, 2009

seldovia russian church, and 4th of july parade

This Russian Orthodox church sits up on the hill in the middle of town and is surrounded by trees and salmonberry bushes. I drew it with ink and then shaded it with the remains of the grey pen I liberated from Will Kirkby (chamonkee). The name 'Seldovia' comes from the Russian word for herring, and fishing is still the town's main industry.

Seldovia goes all out on Independence Day. We started the day with the firemen making pancakes for the whole town in their fire engine garage, then a parade, then lots of games and booths and things. I went around a took photos, mostly of the parade, lots of interesting faces.

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fishing town

Okay, a lunch-time post. I really want to get all my Alaska pics up so later I can go back through them and remember the trip. I like this drawing of the house just the other side of the bridge on the slough.

I sat on a rock to draw it and hoped the kids on the bridge above me who were snagging salmon wouldn't snag me by mistake. Here they are, hitching a ride to the airstrip. We saw a lot of them, although I don't think we ever learned their names.

Here's the harbour. There's a huge derelict ship docked there called the Husky II, and its hull is so thin that someone's foot can go right through it. If it sinks in the harbour, it'll cost a bomb to raise and remove. It's all stripped down and ready to take out to sea and sink to become a shellfish reef, but the politics of removing it are so complicated that it's been sitting there for several years, threatening to go down at any moment. Lovely rust patterns on it, though.

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lovely rainbow post!

I am still fighting the worst jet-lag, which means I'm working as hard as I can, but catching myself doing what the Russians call 'pecking with the nose'. So collecting the post today helped wake me up and made me very happy: rainbow socks from my Glasgow Auntie (thank you so much, Auntie!). She is a magnificent knitter. And my own advance copy of Garen Ewing's The Rainbow Orchid, complete with badges and an invite to the launch on August 3rd! Exciting!

Garen's going to have work from the book on exhibition at Foyles Bookshop on Charing Cross Road (which is always a very welcome destination anyway). And my name's on the back of the book, along with Neill Cameron and Bryan Talbot, even though I didn't do any of the work. Because there's a lot of work in that book, you will be amazed.