July 28th, 2009

laydeez do comics

Here's a very fast doodle I did this morning, probably along the lines of that 'Draw yourself at a Hundred' meme going around the internet.

Thanks to a bunch of you who came to my talk last night! I forgot about my camera and didn't get any photos, but Viviane Schwarz, Gary Northfield, John Aggs, Ed Hillyer (Ilya), Alex Fitch from Panel Borders comics radio interviews, two recent Camberwell graduates, a big-time DFC fan, the Lady West (an artist, and wife of the Admiral of the British Navy - that's a new one!) and a bunch of other people - several new to comics - came along. I gave my shpiel on my work and other work I've seen recently by women comics artists, then we discussed Shaun Tan's novel, The Arrival, then the organisers Nicola Streeten and Sarah Lightman gave short presentations of their work. And we had drinks and Sarah's amazing home-baked cookies. It was great seeing Sarah's work, and Nicola's working on what looks to be a fascinating graphic novel; I'm hoping she sees the whole thing through.

Laydeez Do Comics is going to run monthly talks and discussion groups, and they're looking for comics artists to do ten-minute presentations of their work. So if you're interested, possibly even coming from abroad and might make your trip coincide with the talk, do get in touch! (Here's the website.)

My camera ran out of batteries at the curry restaurant afterwards, but here are a couple Nicola sent through, one of the two of us, and with Gary, John and Viv up in Poppadom's loft space. You can't really tell, but Viv's wearing the fabulous new Moomin-print dress she just made.

Just before the talk, I went for late-afternoon tea with novelist Damian Kelleher and graphic designer and publicist Helen Boyle. Damian suggested this great cafe deli place in Shoreditch called the Albion caff (which is not really a caff, not enough grease), that had really beautiful cakes and cupcakes and pots of tea with little tea cosies that made us squee.

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sad passing

I've heard from my parents that a family friend, Ann Knofel, just died on the road in Seward, Alaska, after the car with her and her husband in it was hit by a drunk driver. Ann followed my blog and sometimes sent me e-mails about art she'd seen, and updates on setting up life in Alaska and teaching in school after her move there from Seattle a couple years ago. She had a hard time in Seattle but really came into her own when she moved to Alaska, and I'm glad she at least got a couple years of being so happy. Here's an extract from the last e-mail she sent me:

Hello Sarah -
Greetings from Alaska where the sun is shining and spring is here!
At my school today and yesterday we have an artist from Boston visiting. He is Bren Bataclan and he is known for giving away his art. Every place he visits he leaves his paintings in random places for people to take for free. I was lucky enough to find one of his paintings in a coffee shop today! His style of characters is whimsical and I thought you might enjoy his website: www.bataclan.com.

I just want to send hugs and condolences to her family and to my parents and aunt and uncle and their friends, I know they're all taking it pretty hard. Also good wishes for her husband's recovery after the accident. He's the pastor who married Stuart and me and we care about him very much. xoxo