August 25th, 2009

studio craft session, and caption book list

Yesterday the animators upstairs came down to stick bits of paper onto a cad for our cafe owner (who had a family bereavement). We had fun making it, and it's a bit silly for a sympathy card, but we hoped it might help cheer her up. Jaine's the best; she's really the heart of our studio community and we're able to meet other people from the building because of her cafe.

Viviane has been introducing me to a bunch of educational folk songs, which have had Gary and me in hysterics. Here are some of the science songs.

And after her writeup of Oxford's Caption festival, I promised jinty I'd post a list of the books I mentioned in my talk about comics and picture book cross-overs. (A lot of these are cross-over books, but some of them I used to illustrate other points I  was making about design and marketing issues.)  I put way too much time into preparing the presentation, so I hope I'll get to use it again at some point. A bunch of people were asking about David Wiesner, so here's a link to his books; Besides The Three Pigs, I get a kick out of the surreal giant vegetables in his book June 29, 1999.

Maurice Sendak: In the Night Kitchen
Winsor McCay: Little Nemo in Slumberland
Gary Northfield: Derek the Sheep
Raina Telgemeiergoraina : The Baby-Sitters Club series
Ellen Lindner ellenlindner : Little Rock Nine Collapse )