September 8th, 2009

sobbing squirrel weirdness

I had so much to do this morning that I wasn't go to make a comic, but this thing that happened was just so bizarre that I had to do something. Does anyone know why a squirrel might cry? I wasn't close enough to see if it actually had tears, but it was making the exact sounds a child would make if it was having a sob.

For a bit of lighter surrealism, I'll post this great video, an early Jim Henson film called Time Piece. I was watching it last night and it was making me howl. Truly amazing.

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Here's a link to Irish 24-hour Comics Day. I'm going to be there, I'm going to Dublin, woot!!! I'll be doing a monster making workshop for kids in conjuction with the Children's Book Festival at 5:30pm on Sat, 17 Oct, then signing Morris the Mankiest Monster books in Waterstones, Jervis Street, on Sun the 18th at 2pm. More about that soon!