October 28th, 2009

more mcm expo costumes!

I swear, I just go to Expo to see the costumes, they're amazing. (Have you seen David O'Connell's fab drawing of it?)

Stuart and I love Buzz Lightyear; Stuart went around pretending to be Buzz for at least a year after we saw Toy Story 2. He'd say the catch phrases with Buzz bravado, then shrink down a few inches and giggle at his own audacity, it was hilarious.

Last year I heard there were 30,000 people attending (mostly teenagers), but this year seemed much more crowded; people were queuing for two hours to get in the door.

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cambridge women in comics conference

Hey, I learned loads this weekend, and took so many notes that I'm basically just going to do a list of links and go back and explore them all when I get a moment! I didn't get many photos of the talks, but that's okay, Natalie D'Arbeloff was busy with her sketchpad, so we were well documented! Here's Asia Alfasi and Natalie with her drawing of the talk Asia, Sarah Zaidan and I gave. Here's Asia giving her talk:
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