November 7th, 2009

little pencil at the ica

Taso and her marvellous mythical beast

On Friday evening, as part of the Comica festival, Gemma Tortella organised with Paul Gravett so that a group of kids, their parents and I watched three animations in the cinema at the Institute of Contemporary Art and then spent an hour drawing to music. We saw Sweet Dreams and Story from North America by Kirsten Lapore, and Bryum & Kapok 03: A Lilt by Overture. The DFC's Patrice Aggs slipped into the cinema with us before she headed off to do her Black Powers talk and we had a good giggle while watching Sweet Dreams when the cupcake starts getting jiggy with the butternut squash.

Sweet Dreams from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

After we watched the animations, we went and drew pictures to music I'd picked out. Some of the songs had evocative lyrics and others had quirky instrumental bits I thought might give us ideas. I started off showing them some pictures from my Morris the Mankiest Monster book and said that while I'd been painting it, I'd been listening to a song called Hunnu by Egschiglen's Mongolian throat singers. It always makes me crack up because it sounds to me like a bunch of short men jumping around in the mud, which was just perfect for the book.
(Sorry, you have to have Spotify downloaded on your computer to listen to these links. But it's great, I've been listening to a lot of music that way recently.)
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