January 8th, 2010

snow is gary's big white canvas

Gary Northfield's not in the studio this morning, but you can sense his presence if you look closely... He spent much of yesterday throwing snowballs at irate people on Twitter.

This morning, Hannah, my editor, approved the inside artwork for the extra pages of my Vern and Lettuce book for the DFC Library. So today I'm colouring it, with my feet perched on my hot water bottle.

Just got a call from Georgia at Random House saying they're sending me up to do an event or two at the Edinburgh Book Festival. We're still sorting out the date in August, but I'm really looking forward to that.

I saw inkstuds had a mention of a comics artist named Corinne Mucha, and I've ordered a copy of her latest comic, My Alaskan Summer. You can preview some of it on her website, looks good.

dan, you are even more manky than morris

Yes, this is Dan Fone, my disgustingly talented web designer. He took up today's challenge on Tweak Today: Stand in front of a portrait and make the same expression. Wow. You can see the horrified comments here.

I was going to tell you about this amazing black bean soup with salsa that I made for dinner, but now I don't think I will.

Edit: I just noticed his housemates' dog Casper also took part.