January 12th, 2010

karl ibou

Karl Ibou hates everything, even chips. And no one likes him, either.

But he likes going for walks to the bridge and looking out over the city at all the smoke coming from people's chimneys. He decides he would really like someone to sit with him in front of his fire and tell him stories, and he could give that person handmade gifts. Karl Ibou goes out, but fails to make friends until he meets the Detestable Child.
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Exciting thing, Morris the Mankiest Monster appeared on CBeebies today! The presenter read it and showed the pictures, hilariously inappropriately placed for the LUNCHTIME story. Way to put everyone off their lunches, BBC! :D Suddenly I notice Morris is out of stock - again - on Amazon.co.uk, but there are still some copies left from the alternative sellers. I'm hoping the BBC will post the clip on CBeebies iPlayer so I can link it here... fingers crossed!