January 22nd, 2010

sketches from last night's talk

Last night I went to hear a talk, 'How to Make Comics' at the London Print Studio, organised by Jane Goodsir and John Phillips, and moderated by Paul Gravett as part of the ongoing Comica events.

A full crowd showed up to listen to 'the godfather of British comics' Pat Mills, manga artist Nana Li, Rumble Strip and the DFC's Donny Digits creator Woodrow Phoenix, and the husband-wife team of painter Danusia Schejbal and Royal College of Art professor Andrzej Klimowski.
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my new specs!

I am blogging like mad today, but I think it's because I'm trying to write blurbs for school events and such and it's doing my head in. I just want to say, 'we draw fun stuff and have a laugh', but I'm supposed to use words like 'inclusive', 'budding writers and illustrators', 'how words and picture interact', stuff like that.

BUT! At least I get to do it in NEW GLASSES. I can see so much more now! I spent a whole day reading faraway street signs til my eyeballs ached. Gary and Lauren and Lauren's knitted doll tried them on, too. I think Gary looks particularly chic in them.