April 9th, 2010

six 'til death: prehistoric partying

See that little silver-coloured box that Ben Haggarty's holding? It's a piece of natural cube pyrite, and when Ben found it, he wondered what people would have thought if they'd come across it 10,000 years ago... and then the stories of Mezolith began to uncoil in his storyteller's brain.

Hurrah for Ben and one of Britain's most remarkable artists, Adam Brockbank, the authors of the second installation in the DFC Library. And man, Mezolith a corker. Adam's mostly been working in film (he created a lot of the Harry Potter monsters) but I'm so glad he put himself on pages this time.

Our DFC publisher, David Fickling, gave one of his trademark rousing speeches, and made everyone laugh when he said people ask him what ages these books are suitable for. His reply: six... 'til death!

I was excited to see a whole bunch of the DFC Team! You can see what we've been getting up to and visit websites over at the Super Comics Adventure Squad.

Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggarty (Mezolith), back row from left: Lorenzo Etherington (Monkey Nuts), Dave Morris (Mirabilis), Sarah McIntyre (Vern and Lettuce), Emma Vieceli (Violet), David Fickling (publisher), Patrice Aggs (The Boss), James Turner (Super Animal Adventure Squad, John Aggs (John Blake, The Boss), Robin Etherington (Monkey Nuts)

Some wondefully atmospheric pages from the book. My favourite story is the one about the swan maidens. Gary and I were laughing at how much some of the characters look just like Adam. (Which makes sense, he modelled the main character, Poika, on his son.)

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our very own deadly tricoteuse!

Lookie, look! Our fab studio mate, deadlyknitshade of Stitch and Bitch London, stars in a Swiss news report!

Click the screen to watch her and her graffiti yarnstormers on Le Journal:

I spent ages trying to work out what that big orange ball was going to be, it was a great secret. And now you can see it transformed into the Cheshire Cat in the Alice in Wonderland graffiti installation. (Find out more about our studio at the Fleece Station blog.)

sweet answerphone message

On the train back from Adam & Ben's Mezolith launch, I switched my phone back on to find this message from a happy reader and her dad. (I'd met him once at the Cartoon Museum.) The people on the train got to see me with a big silly grin on my face.

Dad: Okay, say 'hello, Sarah'
Aviva: Hello, Sarah!
It's Aviva.
It's Aviva!
Thank you very much...
Thank you very much...
for drawing in...
for drawing in my book.
You Can't...
You Can't Eat a Princess!
which you love...
which I love!
we're just about to read it for bed time...
we're just about to read it for bed time.
Night night!
Night night!!

Edit: here's a picture of Aviva with her sister, Zara.