April 22nd, 2010

a fish opera and shadow puppets

The day before yesterday, Viviane Schwarz, Alexis Deacon, Stuart, Ben Norland (who designed the brilliant cover for Viv's There Are Cats in this Book) and I met up at the Little Angel Theatre to see Matthew Robins, Tim Spooner and their band perform brilliant songs along with shadow puppers on an overhead projector and a visualiser. The lyrics in the second half of the show were written by the fabulous Viv Herself! And they included a hymn to sheep that we all stood up in our pews and sang (just like this).

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Come along to Hatfield this Saturday for UniComics, a brand-new comics festival that looks like it may turn into a brilliant annual event! I'm on a panel from 2-3:00 with Dave Shelton (the DFC Library's Good Dog, Bad Dog, Gary Northfield (Beano's Derek the Sheep, DFC's Little Cutie), Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Douglas Noble called Creating Comics For Kids. It's such a brand-new panel that it's not even on the schedule yet, but it's totally happening, do come! And I'm leading a workshop from 11-12:00 called Hungry Aliens and Manky Monsters. The UniComics festival's already started today, here's the website! I'll have a table at the Unicon part of it and I still have a few copies of my Dear Diary mini comic, copies of the Birdsong anthology, You Can't Eat a Princess! and the few remaining rare copies of Morris the Mankiest Monster (which I've jealously guarded for this event because, once again, the publisher doesn't have any left).

This evening, my studio mate Ellen Lindner and I will be speaking on the radio with Val Phoenix in her programme Odd Girl Out on Optical Radio, live from 7pm tonight and again on Sunday from 1:00pm. You can listen online at OpticalRadio.net. (Not sure yet if it will be available to listen afterward.) Ellen and I haven't ever done a radio show together before, this should be good fun.

london studio space available

Hi guys, the theatre set designers on the other side of the wall are moving out, and it would be nice to get in some nice illustrator/comics people (ie, not drummers). Anyone want some studio space three minutes' walk from New Cross station?
It's a lot like our studio, except much quicker access to the communal kitchen and slightly smaller. Three windows, four internet portals, four power sockets, a storage closet and a built-in shelf. Ideal for two people, could fit three in a pinch. I don't know the exact rates, but they should cover electricity use.
Contact Lucy at TemporaryContemporary for details.