June 14th, 2010

weekend cowgirls

I first met this chick at a party where we were by far the two tallest people in the saloon, and we eyed each other over the ten-gallon hats. I got a giggle drawing her this morning as Hayley Heartbreaker. I suppose I'm playing the role here of sheriff, trying to keep her from breaking too many comic men's hearts all at once, but never really succeeding ('cause that would be boring, and then there wouldn't be any more episodes). Go cowgirls, go!

Okay, back to the more straightforward weekend account:
Friday: I went to the party of Hayley Campbell, who works at London's fab Gosh! Comics, for the birthday of her flatmate, Holly, who makes hats, works for the women's support U-Turn Project and went to the same university as me.

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