August 7th, 2010

cartoon museum workshop

Look at this comic I found in a paper pile in the Cartoon Museum workshop room! Ten-year-old Fionn Fitzpatrick, you're out there somewhere, I want to see more of your comics! (I gave it a quick colour job just to see how it would look.)

The workshop hadn't been hugely publicised and wasn't large, so the seven of us did some hard-core comics making and came up with some great aliens and fairly polished looking books by the end of the session.
**Quick note: I'm leading 2 MORE WORKSHOPS AT THE CARTOON MUSEUM NEXT WEEK: THURSDAY, 12 AUG (details at the bottom of this post). Please tell anyone you know who might like to come!**

Then we had a more casual drop-in session during the afternoon, where I did this fun comics jam with one of the mums while she was waiting for her kid to design his alien.
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