August 22nd, 2010

joy in the post!

My first copy of When Titus Took the Train arrived!

Isn't it pretty? :D I've been carrying around the proofs for ages, but it's so amazing to see it as an actual book. I've posted a bunch of free download activity stuff over on on Titus's website.

And more! I gave a copy of my Dear Diary mini comic to the amazing illustrator Chris Riddell at the Carnegie Greenaway awards, and he was so chuffed with it that he promised to send me a copy of his own mini, Hairstyles of American Civil War Generals:
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hypercomics comiket at battersea park

Not only does Battersea in south London boast the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, but it also hosted a comics festival today in a perfect summery setting. Here's my glam studio mate Ellen Lindner at the bus stop.

I posted about the HyperComics exhibition last week here, but I caught a lot of things this time that I missed on my first visit. Barnaby Richards had trouble looking through the masks to see Dave McKean's installations - our specs kept catching the edge of it - but if we took them off, we couldn't see anything. Eventually we sorted it out.

Some fab people from the day: Woodrow Phoenix, Warwick Johnson Cadwell (I got a copy of his new minicomic sketchbook and The No.1 Car Spotter, yay!), Lou Naniiebim Ho and Nikki Shakino Stuart with our Birdsong anthology.

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