October 15th, 2010

the vern & derek show goes to ireland!

Thank you, Tom Donegan and Children's Books Ireland, for setting us up with such fabulous festival gigs over the past few days! The only times I've ever been on telly were at protest rallies (with over-designed placards), but my studio mate Gary Northfield (creator of The Beano's Derek the Sheep) and I got to appear as guests on Ireland's RTE live kids show Elev8 and talk about making comics!

Click on the pic to watch the show

We felt like real stars! I didn't feel nervous, but my mouth did run away with me a couple times, so I think I was, a bit. Thanks so much to presenters Diana and Ivan, they made the whole thing a lot of fun.

The funniest bit was watching Gary get pancake makeup. The lady even put makeup on his hands! Oh, and the other funny bit was hearing Gary say 'bum' on live telly, and cracking up in the elevator just before they let us out. (I realised in watching it that you can catch a glimpse of us moving about... yeah, we're actually dancing like crazy.)

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And not to be outdone, on the same day, our fab studio mate Lauren O'Farrell (aka Deadlyknitshade) appeared on ITV's This Morning with Philip Schofield and Knit the City activists Lady Loop, Shorn-a the Dead and The Fastener. We're storming! That is, YARNSTORMING!

YouTube link

Huge thanks to Big Issue Scotland for your fab review of Vern and Lettuce!

On to the British International Comics Show tomorrow in Birmingham for an 11am signing of Vern and Lettuce, then the Cheltenham lit fest for two events on Sunday (details here!). The comics workshop is sold out, but there might still be room in the Monsters & Aliens session.

And one more thanks to Cliodhna Lyons (ztoical) for giving us a DVD of the amazing Oscar-nomination Irish animation she worked on, The Secret of Kells. I won't embed the trailer, because it was so Disneyfied that it almost put me off seeing the film, but don't believe the trailer. This film has jaw-droppingly unique, beautifully stylised and textured artwork. I'll finish with a few stills from it, this is one you'll need to hunt down and see.

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