October 19th, 2010

launch party: there are no cats in this book!

Hurrah for Viviane Schwarz! She's done it again!

Here's some video footage I shot at the launch party last Friday:

YouTube link

Thanks for hosting to the fabulous indie bookshop, Review, on Bellenden Road in Peckham. Go browse their stuff, that place is full of treasures!

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Thanks a million to the Library Mice book blog for such a wonderful, personalised review of Vern and Lettuce! Really chuffed! I love the bit about her husband wondering why he keeps seeing the book everywhere. Read it here!

And another huge thanks to Book Zone 4 Boys for your brilliant review! Thanks for getting the word out about Vern and Lettuce, I'm really proud of this one!

And I can't remember if I mentioned it already, but hurrah for Big Issue Scotland for your review. You guys rock!

vern interviewed by stitch london

David Fickling Books and Stitch London are joining up this Thursday to increase the city's population of tiny knitted sheep! In London on his book tour, Vern the sheep has joined in with Stitch London's events, getting to meet Brian Blessed and even starring in today's Stitch London newsletter!

Sign up to get Stitch London's fortnightly newsletter, which has, in the past, also featured Derek the Sheep! Or for this issue, you can read Vern's interview online here. Really, that sheep has become such a media whore.

Don't forget, you can contribute to The Pickle, an online magazine set in Vern and Lettuce's world of Pickle Rye! We've already had some great pages submitted by Rick Eades, Jim Medway, Gina Allnatt and others, so don't miss out! Serge, the ferret editor, will post them in blocks, since the whole magazine has to be uploaded as one document. (Fiddly, but Serge can deal with it.)
Details here!