January 31st, 2011

there are cats in this consequence

This morning I finished off my contribution to the illustrators' game of Consequences that's been going on over on the Booktrust blog, organised by the fabulous Polly Dunbar. (Remember her and her penguin from my Wigtown post?)

The only thing is that I can't show you until it goes up on the Booktrust blog, so instead, I'll show you the one that went before me, by the supercalifragulistic Viviane Schwarz. (Have a look at the original Booktrust blog post here!) Viv's just just been given the packet by Alexis Deacon, who'd added his bit, after Polly drew on it, then Emily Gravett and Petr Horacek. So I walked over to Viviane's and she worked on it while I did a bit of sketching then took a catnap on her lovely new red sofa. Here are some photos I took of her drawing:

Viviane Schwarz

Ta-DAH! Here's Viv's finished drawing and all the drawings spread out and pieced together on her floor:

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