March 8th, 2011

amsterdam sketches and photos

I had a great time pottering around Amsterdam for three days with my sister and Stuart. My sister and I did a lot of general goofing around and we did a lot of walking in the freezing cold. Here's a photo she took of me in a coffee shop. (No, not that kind of coffee shop.)

We stayed in a hotel that had once been a rather grand theatre, so we were expecting a great lobby, but even more pleased to find we had an amazing view from our top floor room. Here's a picture I drew, looking out through the window in the slanted ceiling.

And a rough panorama photo collage of the view (which doesn't include the ringing church bells):

I made some pen sketches of a few of the paintings we saw in museums. Here's one from the Rijksmuseum. I rather like how it came out.

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