March 24th, 2011

digging up old school photos

I needed to supply a photo of me as a five-year-old for a current project, so I dug up my old first-grade school yearbook. Here's my mug shot, which I notice I carefully circled and labelled:

I'm almost completely blind in this photo. I got glasses a few months after it was taken, and I remember exclaiming to the optometrist, '...but you're so small!' as all the fuzzy edges came off her. (I also remember her being a bit pleased about me saying that.) The specs were thick, clearish plastic, purple on top and pink on the bottom. I got badly teased about them, but not any more than I was already getting.

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scrivener's moon: even better than pancakes

Ha ha! I sort of forgot that when one begs and is granted an advance copy of a book, one is then expected to write a review! So here goes... starting with what arrived in the post:

Having galloped through the four Mortal Engines books and their two prequels, Fever Crumb and A Web of Air, I could hardly wait to read the third prequel, Scrivener's Moon. In fact, I couldn't wait, so I pestered Philip Reeve's publicist, Alex, until she kindly sent me an advance copy. (Oh, the joys of working with the same publisher!)

Our Shiba Inu studio dog, Momo, also had something to say about it:

YouTube link

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Scrivener's Moon launches on Thursday, 7 April.

Do follow Philip's blog for fascinating tidbits about world building and othersuch, and don't miss his near-daily updates on his Dartmoor sketch blog, which also shows a wild landscape that's very different to the one where I live. (Not that my neighbourhood doesn't have its share of wild; it's just less windswept.) You can read Philip's review of my book, Vern and Lettuce, here.