March 30th, 2011

electric avenue

Now playing at Radio Fleece Station... This song reminds me of when I first came to London. I bought my art paper from John Purcell's warehouse which led me to do a lot of exploring around the lively Brixton market area. I particularly liked a certain Caribbean bakery and a bookshop called Bookmongers, just next to Electric Avenue, run by a bunch of beatnik Americans and their dog. It's a great neighbourhood.

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I did a series of paintings of Peckham, and started taking some reference photos in Brixton to do some more. People were generally very friendly but when I took one photo of a butcher's shop, the guys started yelling at me fit to bust and almost took my camera away. When they came at me, one of them hollered, 'Where do you come from'? I think he had me pegged as council, or police or immigration or something. I gave them a very blank look and said in my best homegrown accent, 'I'm from America!' They looked at me and realised I was a stupid tourist, and after a lot of grumbling and telling me NEVER to take photos again without asking permission, they let me go. I didn't have the guts to post the photo at the time (or take it to the police), but I just dug it up again right now. Anyway, here it is. I think something serious dodgy must be going on, there's a story in this picture.
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On a totally different note: just in from Jill Collinge in Geneva, a lovely painted Vern and Lettuce bunnies bowl!

Sounds like Vern and Lettuce are still on their world tour, and Jill's sent their latest update:
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