April 23rd, 2011

new pickle page!

Here's the latest addition to Vern and Lettuce's zine, The Pickle by 10-year-old Morayo Adesina from Croydon, south London. Thanks so much, Morayo! Those moles rock, and I love your cross-looking Vern. I've just e-mailed it to editor Serge the Ferret to put into the online magazine.

Click here if you're interested in contributing to The Pickle! And you can see other great contributions over on the website.

new york city's MoCCA comics festival!

At last, here's my MoCCA blog post! I've been so jet-lagged that I actually fell asleep right in front of some visitors to the studio on Thursday (SO embarrassing), but I spent all of yesterday hiking in the sunny English countryside and I think I've recovered. For me, MoCCA started off on Friday night with the Drink and Draw Like a Lady party, hosted by Lucy Knisley (lucylou) at a fine shop called 192 Books. (You can read Lucy's post about it here.)

Lucy set up this photo booth and you can see a bunch of guests from the night in her Flickr album. Thanks so much for organising the party, Lucy! If you haven't seen Lucy's comics, they're some of my favourites. I got to meet her in London for the first time a couple years ago, which was very exciting. (Here's Lucy's drawing of the evening.)

We were all very impressed by 14-year-old Emma T Capps who parked her parents by the checkout desk with the shop manager (Lucy's dad), got out her promo material and worked the floor. I wish I'd been plugged into a comics scene when I was her age; I wonder if I would have been so brave.

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