April 30th, 2011

princess beatrice's wedding hat and other festive things

Can I just say that I now have a new favourite royal? This has been my year of princessing, so I'm discovering just how much its success is not about elegance, but theatrical excess. Hurrah for Princess Beatrice, a brave kindred spirit in going a bit over the top. I love it. (Here's her hat, if you haven't seen it already.)

I think the Royal Mail should commission a stamp in her honour. Here's one suggestion. (Feel free to add a link to your Princess Beatrice hat drawing in the comments!)

The Fleece Station never passes on an excuse for a good party. (And we're also very fond of squids, which is why why got on a boat instead of watching the telly.) Here's Ms Deadlyknitshade, aka Lauren, with the fab couple who gave everyone a day off.

And Ellen Lindner with the set of royal wedding Top Trumps that Gary Northfield brought along. All day long it seemed at least two people were playing this.

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