May 1st, 2011

ways to live forever: the film!

Last night I went to see the film Ways to Live Forever and got very excited about some of the low-tech animation in it. Here's some more by the same studio, which I think fits in very well with Titus's imaginative sketchbook world in When Titus Took the Train.

YouTube link

This was created by Spanish company Miopia Efectos Visuales, who made the special effects for Ways to Live Forever, which I saw as part of the East End Film Festival. Here's Miopia's webpage for the film, or you can watch some of the animation sequences right here:

Vimeo link

And here's the website with loads of video clips about the makings of Ways to Live Forever, and the trailer:

YouTube link

I've been excited for ages to see the film because it's based on the marvelous book of the same name, written by my friend Sally Nicholls. She wrote it when she was in her very early twenties, but it's a masterpiece of combining comedy with hard life questions. It's a real skill to make people laugh while they're reading about a boy dying of leukemia, and it really pulls you into Sam's world, his very good questions about life and death, and his attempt at a scientific way to find answers. (Read about Ways to Live Forever on Sally's website. or on the Scholastic book website.)

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