May 12th, 2011

cambridge sci-fi & fantasy night

Yesterday I went up to Cambridge to see my lovely editor friend Bridget Hannigan, coinciding with the Sci-Fi & Fantasy evening at Heffers bookshop that was so jam-packed with top speakers that it might as well be called a festival. You'll probably recognise the creator of this flip-chart drawing without even reading the signature...

Right before the event, Bridget and I met up in the pub with Cambridge friends (and former DFC colleagues) Emma Vieceli and Dave Shelton, along with Philip Reeve (who had come all the way from Dartmoor), Random House publicist Lisa Hayden, Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (just in from Brighton... and look, they have a joint website! So cosy...).

Visual treat of the night was writer China Miéville's tentacled tatoo...

Here's Alex Scarrow on the Patchwork Throne of Glory, just about to set off on a high-energy reading of a chapter set on the sinking Titanic from his time-travelling Time Riders thriller The Doomsday Code.

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