May 13th, 2011

unfinished tree sketches

I was doing several things around Telegraph Hill and started three different tree sketches but for various reasons didn't manage to finish any of them. I'll post them anyway, just so you can see some stuff I was experimenting with. I've just returned from the shop of my former art college, where I stocked up on 20 new sketchbooks and 100 sheets of very large Seawhite Cartridge paper. (Carrying those on the bus journey back to the studio was not the highlight of my day.)

On the train ride back from Cambridge yesterday, I was catching up some reading, but I kept stopping to watch the amazing clouds out the window. I didn't get around to drawing them, but someone else did!

dinosaur-sized frustration

Everything I've been doing today has been so bitsy that it's been making me very cross. I wanted to draw something simple and FINISH it. Then I slipped over to Steve Cole's blog and saw a fabulous Astrosaur drawing by one 7-year-old Tom. Sometimes you see a kid's drawing and thing, man, I wish I drew like that! So I drew a frustrated self-portrait, me in-the-style-of-Tom-drawing-Tegs.

Tom's original drawing (which is still cooler than mine):

Then I thought it looked kind of cool, in an Aztec pattern kind of way and thought a whole herd of them on the rampage would make nice giftwrap. Actually, I'd quite like an umbrella or a scarf with this pattern on it.

RAWR! I feel better now.