June 5th, 2011

birmingham young readers festival

Yesterday I caught the train to Brum and drew and drew! Here's a picture I made right before an event, when a kid and I dared each other to a draw-off based on turning an object you'd find in the kitchen into a spaceship. (We chose toasters. Mine includes jam; his, a pork pie.)

I wasn't sure what to expect - library events can be such a mixed bag - but I had an absolutely stonking good day, with very enthusiastic kids, parents getting involved and generally having a lovely day out. Here are some of the fab kids from the Monsters & Aliens event at Yardley Wood Library.

Before the first event, I drew this picture in markers with one Mia and Lewis.

It was great seeing local author Juliet Clare Bell, who only last week launched her first picture book! It's called Don't Panic, Annika!, illustrated by Jennifer Morris. Her younger daughter, Esther, also created her own cool picture book called Esther Has a Nut Allergy, which she's holding here.

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