June 13th, 2011

time travelling with hayley

On Friday night I dashed off to the British Library to see their exhibition, Out of this World: Science Fiction but but not as you know it and unfortunately didn't get there before closing time. But thanks to Hayley Campbell's tip-off, I did get to go to the excellent panel eventThe Art and Science of Time Travel, featuring Audrey Niffenegger (here's an earlier blog post I made about her), Stephen Baxter, John Gribbin, Paul Cornell and hosted by Jo Fletcher, who recently set up her own sci-fi and fantasy imprint, Jo Fletcher Books, at Quercus. Here are some doodles I made during the talk:

I have a lot of reading yet to do in the sci-fi genre, so I was writing down book titles as they mentioned them. It was interesting when Audrey asked the audience if they had a choice, if they'd rather time travel into the future or into the past. Hayley voted to go back in time and I voted to go into the future, and the audience was fairly evenly split. Audrey said that she'd asked this question before and had a totally gender-divided response, with all the women voting to go into the past and the men into the future.

Jo Fletcher, John Gribbin, Audrey Niffenegger, Stephen Baxter, Paul Cornell

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