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June 13th, 2011

time travelling with hayley

On Friday night I dashed off to the British Library to see their exhibition, Out of this World: Science Fiction but but not as you know it and unfortunately didn't get there before closing time. But thanks to Hayley Campbell's tip-off, I did get to go to the excellent panel eventThe Art and Science of Time Travel, featuring Audrey Niffenegger (here's an earlier blog post I made about her), Stephen Baxter, John Gribbin, Paul Cornell and hosted by Jo Fletcher, who recently set up her own sci-fi and fantasy imprint, Jo Fletcher Books, at Quercus. Here are some doodles I made during the talk:

I have a lot of reading yet to do in the sci-fi genre, so I was writing down book titles as they mentioned them. It was interesting when Audrey asked the audience if they had a choice, if they'd rather time travel into the future or into the past. Hayley voted to go back in time and I voted to go into the future, and the audience was fairly evenly split. Audrey said that she'd asked this question before and had a totally gender-divided response, with all the women voting to go into the past and the men into the future.

Jo Fletcher, John Gribbin, Audrey Niffenegger, Stephen Baxter, Paul Cornell

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monsterville on crafty crafty

How monstrously marvelous! My studio mate Lauren O'Farrell (aka Deadlyknitshade) has featured Monsterville on her amazing crafts website, Crafty Crafty. It's more than just knitting and crochet, OH YES.

Find out more about Monsterville at Stratford's Discover Centre in northeast London.


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