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June 20th, 2011

sheep swap is baaaack!

To commemorate Derek the Sheep's retirement from The Beano, my fab studio mate Gary Northfield and I have picked up a comics jam we left dangling about a year ago. You can't keep a good sheep down! Thanks for the Derek tribute over on the Forbidden Planet International blog. We ♥ Derek and Vern.

Head right on over to The Fleece Station blog to read the whole comic... go on!

And Derek's also resurfacing in the theatre! Gary wrote the stage play and Legend Theatre will be producing it. You can see it right here at our studio in southeast London on Sunday, 24 July, at New Cross Turn Left and from 9-13 August at Abbeyfest in southwest London.

Click here to read the back of the flyer, under the cutCollapse )

there are live hot dogs in this book

Oh my goodness! You totally have to see what these kids in Indiana made, these are hilarious! They're in response to Viviane Schwarz's There Are Cats in This Book. These books are going to give me hiccups from laughing. Ah, here's Viv's blog post about it.

Here's the book, if you haven't seen it yet:
Video under the cutCollapse )


To crochet or not to crochet

There's so much great stuff coming into the Fleece Station today! Here's a crocheted skull by Kimberly Baars of Chemistry and Cloth. I love the brains. 'Yarn for brains', that's a good knitter insult.

Check out the other amazing things that my fab studio mate Deadlyknitshade is cataloguing here as they arrive for Stitch London's Stitched Science exhibition at London's Science Museum. Amazing!

Oo, here's another skull made of pompoms...


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