August 12th, 2011

fun and games in leicester

Look at the fabulous Summer Reading Challenge team I got to work with in Leicester on Wednesday! I know marvellous multilingual storyteller Jyoti Shanghavi from previous visits (blogged here and here) and Farida Mohammed, the fiery one on the right, was assigned to look after me all day and had me in absolute stitches with the funny things she'd come out with.

And we made board games! The book of mine we read, When Titus Took the Train, reads a little bit like an adventure board game, and making games is such a fun, easy way to get even very small children creating stories. Basically, they choose a starting point (a railways station? their house? a dark cave? the inside of a stinky shoe?) and finishing point (where do they want to go?) on their big paper, draw a curvy railroad track between them and make lots of exciting and disastrous things happen between the two points. ...Ta-dah! A story.

We had some stories set in Candyland, some in space, some at sea, even a game charting someone's fashion development. I didn't manage to get any photos at the event at Leicester Central Library, but here's the team, including some fab volunteers, at Rushey Mead Library. (The paper in front is the downloadable Titus board game I made, that we gave kids to take away at the end.)
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