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September 18th, 2011

tree roots, unfinished

This tree in Greenwich Park had so many complicated twists and turns that I knew I wouldn't have time to draw the whole thing, so I focused on its roots. But they were so complex in themselves that I still didn't have long enough to finish my picture. I sometimes say to people that drawing trees is like life drawing, all the same interesting curves and bulges, except that the model is much better at holding still. This is not true when it comes to the light, however. I was trying to capture the lovely dappling effect of the sunshine on the tree and it was dancing all over the place, so I came away frustrated but glad for the outing.

It probably would be much easier to draw this tree from the photo, but that would defeat the purpose of going to the park, so hey ho.

Over on Dartmoor, Philip Reeve's landscape drawings continue apace... Oh, and wait, there's a portrait of a lama in there.

who's who at orbital comics!

Earlier this evening, Orbital Comics in central London (just near Leicester Square) hosted an exhibition of self portraits by a whole bunch of fab comics people, illustrators and cartoonists! I met Julia Scheele and Barnaby Richards at the entrance on Great Newport Street.

LOADS more photos under the cut!Collapse )


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