October 15th, 2011

etherington bros: when excess BAGGAGE is a good thing

Aaahh, what are those marvelous goodies in the window of Daunt Books???

It's BAGGAGE, the Etherington Brothers' brand-new addition to the DFC Library series of AMAZING comics for kids, adults, aliens, cowboys, whoever craves pages full of lush story goodness. Here's writer Bob Etherington, our fab publisher David Fickling, and artist Lorenzo Etherington at their madcap launch on Thursday night in London.

Lookie, lookie, isn't it lovely? And at the party, we had not only The Brothers, but two other creators from about-to-be-launched DFC Library books! From the left, here's James Turner, David, John Aggs and The Bros.

So let's have a little peek, shall we? (Am I allowed? Heh heh... apologies, these are merely snapshots, you can probably get *proper* scans from the publicists or artists themselves.) But a little peek, just for yoooou....

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