November 27th, 2011

new vern and lettuce pages + comics interview with tammy taylor!

Exciting! Look, a brand-new Vern and Lettuce strip by comics artist Tammy Taylor!!! Tammy has designed two pages for Vern and Lettuce's online comic, The Pickle, which will soon be joining the other pages already online. (Have a peek at them here!)

Aw... so much woolly goodness! Kids and adults, editor Serge the Ferret is always looking for your contributions to The Pickle, feel free to join in with the fun!

I think I first met Tammy at MCM Expo, where she was running her table, chok-a-block with attractive comics, and looking fabulous in steampunk goggles on top of her head. Here's one of her sketches and some artwork from her website:

I was so chuffed by Tammy's contribution to The Pickle that I asked her if she wouldn't mind telling you a bit more about herself and giving us some reading tips.

So Tammy, how did you get into comics?
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