January 3rd, 2012

greenwich park lino cut print

You know how I've been doing all these tree drawings in Greenwich Park? Well, I finally drew a tree I was proud of, and it wasn't a drawing, exactly, it was a print. And it made me very happy! Here's a photo of it:

I'd never done on-location linoleum cutting before, but I thought I'd try it, since I can never seem to get a line I really like with pencil or pen.

There's something so lovely about making lino-cut prints; instead of trying to give an image bulk, you're subtracting bits from the solid bulk it already has, chipping away at the negative space. The park squirrels liked my equipment. See the wooden handle of one, sitting on my bag, next to the eraser? Well, I've discovered, it looks just like a nut to a squirrel. We had several tug-of-war sessions, which finished with me wiping off the squirrel spit off the handle and examining the teeth marks.

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