March 29th, 2012

the sad story of our studio squid

Gary bought this orange squid at a Deptford pound shop as a companion for Plarchie, Lauren's giant squid knitted out of Sainsbury's carrier bags. (Yes, Plarchie even has his own Tumblr blog and Twitter account.) But Plarchie's a vicious squid, and he and the little orange guy never really bonded, and Little Orange Guy looked more and more miserable hanging from our balcony. Yesterday, Gary and I put him out of his misery and cut him down.

We felt terrible. He looked at us from the dumpster with this manic grin.

But we only had about twenty seconds to contemplate our actions because, wouldn't you know, the bin men turned up just then and took him away. We watched him go, with tears lingering on our eyelashes. (Well, Gary bawled like a baby, I took it much more stoically.) Here's Gary's photo montage:

Photos by Gary Northfield

We were both crazy-deadlining, but we still had a quick walk to Deptford Market. We LOVE that place, you can find anything there. Here's Gary in the background, surveying the terrain.

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