May 2nd, 2012

a day back at art college!

Yesterday was Camberwell Art College Alumni Day, and I got to hear talks by a bunch of fabulous illustrators to the current Master's Degree Illustration students. So interesting! From left in the back row: tutor David Williams, Mark Oliver (who studied at the same time as me), Thomas Flintham, amazing course leader Janet Woolley, Will Morris, Howard Hardiman, and in the front row there's Mark Long and me. I had a brilliant time from 2005-2007 doing a part-time MA Illustration course with Jan. She was wonderfully supportive and it gave me a lot of confidence to bulldoze my way into the profession. I definitely recommend it for people who have been working in the field of illustration for awhile and want to hone their skills.

We all worked in slightly different ways and in different fields, so I think the students got a great overview. Here's Thomas Flintham, who remembers me giving a talk to his group at college in 2008. He talked about working so hard on this Marvellous Mazes book that he made his appendix burst, and got a big telling off from the doctors for it.

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i've been slated!

You might see book covers a bit like this popping up all over the Internets today, particularly on Facebook...

Congratulations to Teri Terry on the publication of her debut novel, Slated! And the good ol' supportive team at the excellent Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators couldn't let it launch without a bang. I haven't read the book yet, but I'm heading over to Teri's Slated website and her Author Facebook page and review by SCBWI member Ness Harbour to find out more. I can so identify with memory erasure - that's mostly why I keep a blog - so I'm sure this book will interest me.

(Great idea, Jo Wyton, and well done, Candy Gourlay for Photoshop wizardry and rallying the troops!)