July 3rd, 2012

turning tales on moon lane into a giant picture book

WHAT is going on here?, you may ask!

You'd never think that Tales on Moon Lane in London's Herne Hill, such a lovely, orderly little bookshop could turn into a den of TOTAL CARNAGE.

Well, unless you unleash this crew on it. Under the destructive influence of David Maybury from Children's Books Ireland at The Sun Comes Out on Moon Lane festival, illustrators Gary Northfield, Chris Haughton, Alex Milway, Chris Judge, Bruce Ingman and I wreaked havoc on this place. ...I mean, we turned the whole shop into a picture book with the aid of 50 children. Well, that was the brief anyway.

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Edit: Ah! Here's a new video, with each of the illustrators talking through their pages of the book!

And you can read a brand-new festival-related interview of me by Damyanti Patel over on her Overdue Books blog!

we built a space cave!

I've been pushing myself too hard this week, and I crashed last night quite badly. I had to have a quiet day at home today and I had all the symptoms of being ill, but I think it was just fatigue. So instead of answering a huge pile of e-mails, my friend and I got out the Sculpey clay and a big hunk of playdough I had left over from the Edinburgh festival. She made this little guy:

She decided to make him a cave, and we made it a space cave. Isn't it the most awesome thing you ever saw? I want to live there.

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