July 30th, 2012

olympics, small press comics... so much happening this summer!

So did everyone watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony the other night? When I first saw the fields of hobbit-y, happy farmers, I thought, uh, oh. Like my writer friend Candy Gourlay said in an article on Rappler, she thought it might be painfully twee (definition of 'twee' for non-Brits). But then it all kicked off, and there were huge industrial smoke stacks, and Kenneth Branagh reciting Caliban's lines from The Tempest, Mr Bean's brilliantly stupid musical number, hundreds of Mary Poppinses, beautiful bicycle-driven giant doves... it got more and more exciting and, well, I was hugely taken with the whole thing. It had cheesy moments, but they didn't stop it from being an absolutely amazing spectacle. I bet it will spark off countless cartoons, but here's another great one of the Queen's parachute jump with Mr Bond, by Alex Paterson:

Lots going on around here this summer! Are you going to Caption Comics Festival? It's in Oxford on the weekend of 18-19 August, and it's a wonderful place to meet comic creators and find out more about comics. It's one of the very first comics events I ever went to and where I decided that small press comics are definitely something I'm very interested in. Here's a comic I made about Caption my first year, and if you follow this tag, you can see my reports from years past. And I've designed the t-shirt this year! Go ahead and buy one, whether you're going or not. But I hope you can come!

And to back up that small press interest, here's a comic to which I've recently contributed six colour pages. My copy of ink+PAPER, Issue 2 just arrived this morning! It's looking FABULOUS. You can order a copy here! Be sure to browse the lovely website created by its editor, David O'Connell.

So while I certainly wouldn't call myself a sportswoman in any way, I've had my own little role in the Olympics this week, with StoryCloud over at the Discover Children's Story Centre in Stratford. And I got called into give an interview about it on the Breakfast Show on the Olympics site with BBC London radio, how exciting! I'd stayed up very late watching the Opening Ceremony, so the early morning start was a bit hard-going. But I was surprised by how many sport fans were already on the rail station platform, and how wildly jubilant they all were. It all got incredibly silly. At 7 IN THE MORNING.

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