August 9th, 2012

dartmoor, exmoor, and back again

I love going to Dartmoor, it's like stepping into a Tolkien book, or in this instance, a Philip Reeve novel. In my last post, I put up some pictures from a comics workshop I did for Sam and neighbours in the Reeve kitchen, and here are a bunch more photos from our travels.

And here are our lovely hosts: Philip, Sarah and Sam! Sam came hiking with despite the drizzle and perked up when he and Philip composed a song with a chorus that went RAIN-RAIN-RAIN-RAIN-RAIN-RAIN-SPLODGE!

If you follow my blog, you'll know that Philip and I are working on several books together, and we've also spent time doing landscape drawing. I haven't done as many drawings of trees lately as I would like, and the rain made drawing outdoors on this trip rather tricky. But here's my favourite tree drawing of the week, which I actually did indoors, studying some photos I'd taken of trees on Exmoor. Here's the drawing half-way finished:

And the completed picture:

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